The Solar Powered Fence is scientific Fence and works on Solar Energy with backup facility to run uninterruptedly during the nights as well as cloudy days. The whole system can be derived into two segments, one is the Electronic Unit and the other is the Fence. Electronic Unit consists of a Solar Photo Voltaic Module, Energizer, Fence Voltage Alarm (FVA), Battery and Charge Control Unit (CCU). The Solar Photovoltaic Module in the Electronic Unit converts the sunshine into electrical energy and charges the Battery through CCU.

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✓ Reliable and Durable.
✓ Trouble Free Performance.
✓ Uses Indigenous Technology.
✓ Very Low Maintenance.
✓ Wide range of Applications.
✓ Meets the parameters of Safety Standards.


✓ There are a number of reasons for choosing Solar Electric Fencing:
✓ LOW COST - Electric Fences require less materials and labor than conventional fences.
✓ SIMPLICITY AND FLEXIBILITY - a quick and easy way to effectively subdivide a paddock for intensive grazing, improving pasture management and production.
✓ LOW MAINTENANCE - due to reduced stock pressure.
✓ LESS DAMAGE TO STOCK - the shock from an electric fence causes no physical damage to stock and if they are forced through electric fences by wild animals or bush fires there is reduced likelihood of injury.

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