HD CCTV Cameras

Anyone in Hyderabad searching for the best “CCTV dealers near me” is bound to land at our page sooner rather than later. Providing individuals as well as establishments with highly sophisticated and state-of-the-art cameras, we are undoubtedly among the topmost CCTV camera dealers in Hyderabad. Many of our top clients include famous stores, government establishments, and schools among others. Our high-end cameras allow easy monitoring of any private as well as public property for security purposes. They come at an affordable price and have made us one of the best CCTV camera dealers in Vijayawada as well and CCTV camera dealers in Visakhapatnam as well.

Key Features

  • Speed dome which includes network cameras as well as CCTV cameras.
  • Auto patrol function capability which allows the cameras to pan and tilt on its own.
  • Infused with optical zoom technology via PTZ standard.
  • High-speed auto rotation ensures that the camera doesn’t miss any movement.
  • Convenient for outdoor as well as indoor surveillance.
  • Easy maintenance.
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Commonly called an IP Camera, and Internal Protocol Camera is among the best CCTV cameras in Hyderabad sold by RedEye Security. Different than the analog CCTV camera, this device has the ability to collect and transfer data using the internet via a computer network. While it may be argued that cameras that generally do this are called webcams, the truth is that an IP camera is designed specifically for surveillance purposes which can be accesses through a network connection. There are two major types of IP cameras – a Centralized camera and a Decentralized camera. RedEye Security sells both these camera types.

Key Features

  • Centralized IP Camera – uses a Network Video Recorder (NVR) to record as well as manage videos and alarms.
  • Decentralized IP Camera – can record videos to any local or remote storage media without the need for an NVR.
  • Camera resolutions range from 0.3 to 29 megapixels.
  • Also available in HD video resolutions.


Among the best CCTV cameras in Vishakhapatnam sold by RedEye Security is the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). A topnotch electronic security device, a DVR camera records videos in digital format to any mass storage device. Often, many people connect their personal computers to devices that record videos and use it as a personal DVR surveillance unit. But with us being among the best CCTV camera dealers in Hyderabad, you need not worry about having to do this. Invest in our DVR CCTV surveillance system and you will have all your security needs taken care of.

Key Features

  • An economical choice.
  • Easy maintenance and suitable for all types of private or public establishments.
  • Personal Video Recorders (PVR), which are DVRs classified as common electronic consumer devices, are also sold by RedEye Security, Hyderabad.
  • Can record and store surveillance videos to a disk drive, SD memory card, an SSD or USB flash drive among other things.


This particular security product is one of the main reasons RedEye Security is counted among the topmost CCTV camera dealers in Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada, and Hyderabad. A highly sophisticated software program, a Network Video Recorder (NVR) records surveillance footage in a digital format which it can then store in any type of mass storage device. Typically, this kind of software is deployed in an IP surveillance unit. However, they differ from Digital Video Recorders because their input is mainly from a network connection rather than a direct connection to a video capture unit.

Key Features

  • Runs on an embedded operating system.
  • The camera captures and processes the video. Later, it is transferred to the NVR for storage and future viewing.
  • The NVR may further compress the sent data or tag it with Meta data.
  • Remote viewing of stored video footage is possible.
  • RedEye Security sells hybrid NVR surveillance systems which include functions of an NVR as well as a DVR unit at the same time.
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