About Our Products

If you are looking for the topmost Access Control System in Hyderabad, RedEye Security is the place to get it. This type of advanced security device does more than just control access at the doors. The cutting-edge technology it uses enables a facility of any size to monitor all their entry and exit points. Such systems easily outperform traditional door keys which do not have the ability to track who accesses the building. You need not worry about replacing lost keys ever again! The best Access Control System in Vijayawada as well as Vishakhapatnam sold by RedEye makes managing security a hassle-free process.

Key Features

✓ Instant live video streaming in case of an alarm.
✓ Can shut down an entire area via a PC or RedEye Security Systems reader.
✓ Uses a single interface to deputize alarm conditions by tracking break-ins, door contacts, motion sensors, glass breaks, and panic buttons.
✓ Can easily arm or disarm an intrusion panel.

Biometric Time & Attendance System

Arguably the best Access Control System in Vishakhapatnam and at our other branches as well, this sophisticated security device is worth investing in. It allows you to monitor who gets to access your premises and you can deny entry to those you feel threatened by. Big establishments such as banks, jewelry stores, and other such places which deal in valuables often opt for this type of Access Control System in Hyderabad. They place them at the entrance and exits of rooms where priceless commodities are kept. Albeit high-end, the product is simple to operate and is very efficient, to say the least.

Key features

✓ Easy to install and highly accurate.
✓ Can lock down a room or region in case a threat is detected.
✓ Collects data of break-ins and other mishaps to recognize alarm conditions.
✓ Displays live video immediately if a break-in is in progress.
✓A cutting edge, sophisticated, and economical option for big establishments as well as individual homes.

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